Internet of Things
  • Outline

    ULC IoT Suite of ULC Systems is an end-to-end IoT integrated solution composed of sensor / IoT device platform / IoT platform / IoT application service platform. ULC Systems Co., Ltd. has professional technology and development capabilities for IoT service construction, and provides IoT solutions and services in various industries such as smart factories, smart farms, and smart homes.

  • Main functions & Strengths

    • Application of software standard technology for IoT service construction(oneM2M, MQTT, CoAP, LWM2M, HTTP…)
    • E2E IoT gateway platform and IoT service platform optimized for customer needs
    • Providing standardized platforms applicable to various industries(Smart Factory, Smart City, Smart Farm, UX Living LAB,…)
    • Possession of wired / wireless communication technology and equipment security technology (WCDMA / LTE / 5G mobile communication and WiFi wireless LAN, etc.)

    International standard base

    • OneM2M
    • MQTT
    • CoAP
    • OPC-UA

    Cloud service platform

    • Container virtualization technology applied
    • Orchestration technology applied

    IoT Device

    • Internal Sensor : GPS/IMU/CAN
    • External Sensor : Temperature/humidity/pressure sensor/...

    IoT platform

    • IoT Device Platform
    • IoT Platform
  • ULC IoT Device

    Hardware specifications :

    OS :
    • Linux

    Application software :
    • IoT Device Control S/W

  • ULC IoT Device Platform

    • Extensible open source IoT Edge framework based on Java / OSGi
    • Provides API access to hardware interfaces of IoT gateways such as serial ports, GPS, watchdog, GPIO, and I2C
    • Supports various field protocols such as Modbus, OPC-UA, S7
    • Supports web-based visual data flow programming that collects data in the field and processes and posts it at the edge
    • Best IoT cloud platform through MQTT connection

  • ULC IoT Platform

    • Device Platform Interworking (DPI) function
    • Data Processing(DP) function
    • Thing Interworking(TI) function
    • Docker-based software operating environment (container-based open source virtualization platform)
    • Best IoT cloud platform through MQTT connection

  • Application and application field

    Case Study 1 : Micro electric vehicle development and service demonstration

    The ULC IoT Suite is applied to the “Very Small Electric Vehicle Industry and Service Demonstration” project with the Korea Automotive Technology Institute to provide IoT Device and IoT platform systems for data collection, real-time transmission and monitoring of CAN / GPS / IMU, etc. We build and service.

    Case Study 2 : Micro electric vehicle development and service demonstration

    Due to the increase in maintenance cost due to the aging of the existing sewer pipe system and the inefficient management system, system replacement was necessary. To solve this, we built a smart maintenance system based on IoT and big data technology as a cloud environment.