Communication & Information Technology


Authentication, Authorization and Accounting

  • Outline

    Our AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) provides authentication function which investigates the legitimacy of users accessing to a wireless network, authorization function which checks a type and bound of services provided to the users, and accounting function which collects a status and amount of network usages during access network. Our AAA supports a high availability, consistency and scalability through the N+1 replication of databases and applications.

  • Main Functions

    • Authentication server of WiBRO/WiMAX and Wi-Fi
    • Support RADUIS and DIAMETER protocols
    • Authentication function for EAP-AKA, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-SIM, EAP-MD5
    • Accounting function based on international standard
    • International roaming function (AAA proxy)
    • Public Wi-Fi convergence authentication platform (Captive portal / ONM)
  • The System Structure

  • Strengths of the Product


    • Independent structure allowing separate application through service logic based on messaging
    • Independent structure on each sub-system module and S/W module


    • Higher level application extending structure without changes to base stack of RADIUS/Diameter
    • Extra changes to vender-specific commands and AVP are possible


    • Provides N+1 and multiplexing structure
    • Provides fault prevention and load distribution


    • Provides Hop-by-Hop security through IPSec

    Dynamic Loading

    • Adjustment of peer and routing information is allowed during operations without system shutdown


    • Simple customizing depending on the service environment through 100% self-built technology.


Authentication Center

  • Outline

    AuC (Authentication Center) of ULCSystems creates and delivers authentication vectors related to USIM authentication (AKA, SIM) accessed through 3G, LTE, WiMAX, WiBRO, and WiFi. It is a database system which stores the authentication key information of the users. It decides legitimacy of a user through private key and algorithm shared with device, allows services to legitimate users, and blocks the services in case of illegal users. Our Auc provides its own protocols interfaces to AuC, AAA, HLR, HSS.

  • Main Functions

    • Authentication Key creation & delivery functions based on EAP-AKA, EAP-SIM
    • Storing and management functions user-based authentication key
  • Configuration


Online Charging System

  • Outline

    OCS (Online Charging System) of ULCSystems is a prepaid accounting system for the 3G/4G/5G, WiMAX, WiBRO, Wi-Fi, and IMS network users. The OCS provides multiple service credit control functions, rating functions according to the client’s demand, and access session management functions regarding to the user’s account balance.

  • Main Functions

    • Prepayment billing information and session management
    • Prepayment Quota management
    • Prepayment Session management
    • Rating function for prepayment accounting
    • Management function for user’s prepayment accounting
    • Authorization execution regarding to prepayment expiration
  • Specific Functions

    Rating Engine

    • Date, Time, Service Specific tariff management
    • Tariff Switching support
    • Account calculation based on given Quota
    • Quota calculation on given account

    Quota Management Engine

    • Time, Volume, Service Specific Quota management
    • Quota setting on each service
    • Quota threshold management

    User’s prepayment charging management engine

    • Accounting deposit function
    • Accounting refund function

    CC session management engine

    • Access session control according to the prepayment balance
    • Authorization verification request according to the prepayment refill
    • Session shutdown function under system manager
  • Configuration


Offline Charging System

  • Outline

    Our OFCS (Offline Charging System) collects accounting information on 3G/4G/5G, WiMAX, WiBRO, Wi-Fi, and IMS, executes Aggregation/Correlation process and transfers the accounting information to billing domain.

  • Main Functions

    • Offline charging function on GSM/LTE/IMS/WiBRO/WiMAX, Wi-Fi network
    • Accounting collection function based on international standard such as RADIUS, DIAMETER protocols
    • Aggregation function on collected accounting data
    • Correlation function on aggregation data
    • IPDR creation on correlation data
    • Distribution function delivers IPDR to the BD(Billing Domain)
  • Configuration

  • S/W Configuration


Smart Internet Control System

  • Outline

    SICS (Smart Internet Control System) of ULCSystems collects the usage amount of internet and wired network used Radius/Diameter and processes them. The SICS provides a service control based on the usage amount and real time usage level.

  • Main features and functions

    Flexible System Architecture for large scale data analysis

    • System architecture allowing simple scale-up/scale-out
    • Data analysis technology based on high performance in-memory
    • Intuitive UI/UX and integrated dashboard

    Creates Marketing Statistics

    • Creates statistical data for marketing according to the internet usage

    Usage Level Management

    • Analyzes and controls internet usage form
    • Manages usage level for internet usage policy
  • Configuration

Wi-Fi Service Platform

Wi-Fi Service Platform

  • Outline

    Wi-Fi Service Platform of ULCSystems is a multi-platform providing integrated authentication and various services(advertisement, marketing, survey, and disaster alert) to the users who have access to public or private Wi-Fi zone. This platform is an all-in-one solution abled to provide user authentication, user registration and other services.

  • Necessities and Features

    All-in-One Solution

    • Provide security/non-security authentication and service in a single platform
    • Supports various mobile devices such as labtops, smart pads, and mobile phones
    • Services based on context awareness

    Provides intuitive and simple administration tool

    • Active UI/UX and integrated dashboard
    • Various statistics related to each service

    Data Analysis

    • Analyzes visiting guest & visiting time length
    • Big data analysis for the use of marketing data
  • Configuration